Build a Simple Low Tunnel

An easy, low cost way to add a low tunnel to your raised bed.

Build a Simple Low Tunnel

Hoop houses, high tunnels, and low tunnels are great ways to protect your crops and extend your growing season. Pre-made kits tend to be expensive and large though, making it difficult to add to a small residential lot.

Though not as nice or long-lasting as a professional tunnel, you can easily build a small scale version using some common materials from your local hardware store. I recently built one for a 4' x 8' raised bed with the following materials:

First, you'll want to take a mallet and hammer the rebar into the ground until 6-8 inches are exposed above the ground. I placed one every 2 feet on each side of the raised bed.

Next, place the PVC over one of the rebar, and bend it to the second. After doing this with all four pairs, the last piece of PVC will go across the top of the hoops, secured with a zip tie.

Finally, you can secure your cover to the hoops, whether it be greenhouse plastic, shade cloth, or Agribon. You can use something like these, but in my case I designed a 3D-printable clip using PETG, and so far they seem to be holding up pretty well.